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I was born with a love for horses. For as far back as I can recall, I remember being intensely drawn to their wild beauty and in awe of the mysterious wisdom that l could sense when I looked deep into their eyes. When I was eight years old, I began taking riding lessons and from that day on horses became an integral part of my life. During the more difficult times I faced in high school, the horses were the ones I turned to for comfort, and the barn was the one place I could experience relief and joy in those moments. It was during this time that I became determined to bring horses to others who were struggling in whatever capacity I could.

In the pursuit of this dream, after I graduated from college, I became a PATH certified Equine Specialist in Mental Health and Learning and have spent the past 7 years teaching equine-assisted learning lessons for people of all abilities at a local non-profit, New Canaan Mounted Troop. It was here that I discovered my passion for helping adolescents with mental health challenges find joy and build self-esteem by partnering with horses.

As I worked, studied, and breathed horses, I also simultaneously underwent a personal journey of inner transformation. As a teen, I discovered Reiki and meditation which ignited my passion for mindfulness and spirituality. I later went on to complete a Masters in Consciousness Studies and Transpersonal Psychology. During this time, I merged my training in meditation and energy work with the horses, and fell headfirst into a world I had only dreamed of until then. The bond with my horses deepened, and as communication flowed between us, my relationship with them was transformed into one of deep trust, intuitive connection, and mutual healing.

To learn more about helping people heal with horses, I completed two and a half years of academic studies in a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Graduate program and then enrolled in Touched by a Horse® to pursue my certification as an Equine Gestaltist™. During my time in that program, I also became a licensed Equine Facilitator™ so I could provide mindfulness-based sessions with the horses.

Today, Herd Miracles LLC is the manifested dream from my childhood: a place where horses can freely share their gifts of wisdom with humans, guiding them to discover their own inner strengths, ability to heal, and the unlimited potential to shape their destiny. The horses have shown me what is possible when you believe in yourself and can connect to your inner power. Come discover the magic that comes from being part of our horse and human herd and expect the unexpected to happen; after all, a miracle may be right around the corner.