mindfulness and horses

A Path to Peace

What is “A Path to Peace?”

“A Path to Peace” is a mindfulness-based Equine Facilitation program offering individual sessions, groups, and workshops for youth and adults. In every experience, the horses are the teachers who guide us on a journey to greater awareness and self-discovery.

These sessions will offer you an opportunity to connect with yourself and with horses on a deeper level. As you become one with the herd, the horses will guide you on how to live in the present moment and tune into your body and energy so you can feel truly alive. In this process, you will gain clarity on how you move through the world, show up in relationships, and how you can bring greater balance and joy into your life. Through mindfulness experiences and guided facilitation, you will build a unique relationship with your equine partner so you can fully receive all the gifts of healing and wisdom that horses have to offer.

All of our sessions are unmounted (no riding involved) and are held in the paddock or arena with the horses at liberty or held on a loose lead rope. Sessions are currently being offered in Easton, CT. See below for more information on our youth program and workshops.

Contact me today to learn more about how the herd and I can support you on your very own path to peace!

Reach me at (203) 356-5144 or via email at natacha@herdmiracles.com

“A Path to Peace” Youth Program

Growing up can be an exciting, intense, and sometimes overwhelming process. During these formative years, individuals are figuring out who they really are, and strong emotions and feelings of uncertainty can easily shake their sense of self.

Horses offer a non-judgmental and safe space for all youth to explore what is going on for them in the moment. By cultivating self-awareness through mindfulness practices and in forming a unique relationship with the horses, children and teens learn to navigate life with greater confidence and joy.

In our work with the horses, adolescents learn how to:

  • Observe and accept their thoughts and feelings without judgment
  • Build mutually beneficial relationships with healthy boundaries
  • Communicate clearly
  • Lead with intention
  • Develop compassion for themselves and others
  • Ground themselves and connect to their body
  • Listen to their intuition
  • Align with their authentic self
  • Manage their energy effectively


These half-day mindfulness workshops are meant for any group – including businesses, teams, families, or friends – looking for a meaningful way to connect with each other and with horses for a day. Learn from the herd how living mindfully can enhance your life and your relationships, and in the process, have a lot of fun being with horses in an unforgettable experience!

Please contact me to create a customized experience for your group or family.


I have had the pleasure of teaching with Natacha for the past three years. As a facilitator, she has the unique ability to sensitively hold space for her students to learn and grow while encouraging them to do so at their own pace and in their own way. She has a keen awareness and unique insight into the horse-human dynamic and its potential for healing and growth. I wholeheartedy recommend her.

Nicole K

Darien, CT

Natacha is a gift to us all. She is a reminder of how individual we are, and how that is ok. You are you, and I am me, and I am ok. I will always remember how she helped me feel strong as a person. Her guidance is powerful, accepting and true. Thank you Natacha!

Shelly P

South Salem, NY

Natacha holds such a beautiful, compassionate space that allowed everyone to feel safe and deeply connected. She has such gentle, compassionate energy that is so inviting. I felt so connected and supported and seen in her space and it was clear that it was mutual between all the other participants.

Lyarra L

Parker, CO