The Healing Power of Horses

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Blog Post #1: Why Horses?
How Horses Changed my Life

January 26, 2024

Growing up, horses were my personal path to peace. However, this path was oftentimes anything but peaceful. This is not surprising, considering horses are huge animals with fiery survival instincts. With their biological impulses to be safe at all costs, these 1000+ pound animals can bolt at any sight of danger, even if that means a plastic bag drifting lazily in the breeze. If that sounds intimidating, it definitely can be!

Luckily for us, horses are also the quietest, slowest moving animals I know. They seek to conserve energy and because of their sensitive nervous systems, they want to exist in as much harmony as they can. They do this in many ways. One of their favorite ways to stay content and balanced is to move from one spot of yummy grass (or hay) to the next. The other is by fostering nurturing and healthy relationships with their herd members. Once they know they are safe in their environment, horses are some of the happiest beings I know. That’s why it feels so good just hanging around them.

The horses guided me to discover peace within myself in their ability to respond in total honesty to how I was showing up in the moment. And yes, sometimes that meant being dragged around at the end of a leadrope! As I spent more time “being” with horses versus doing (like riding or training), I became aware of how my internal world was influencing my relationship with my horses. When I showed up emotionally frazzled or in my head, the horses would come into my space, push me around, or simply tune me out. The more confident and calm I felt, the more trusting they were in my presence and we could communicate with more harmony. They provided active, non-judgmental feedback that gently led me to knowing how to embody my best self.

The awarnesses and insights from being with the horses translated into my daily life. As I developed a mindfulness practice inspired by the horses, I experienced greater mental clarity and balance. As I grew more confident being a part of the herd, my sense of self became more defined. Over the years, this beautiful cycle of deepening self-awareness and healing manifested into a stronger sense of who I was and all I could offer. The horses guided me to a place of trusting and believing in myself, and that is where my sense of peace really comes from.

Today, I seek to share that wisdom with anyone who is open to receiving the healing gifts of horses. They ask but one thing: show up as who you really are. And if you aren’t sure who that is quite yet, don’t worry! The horses will be thrilled to help you discover the centered, powerful being that you truly are and are capable of bringing to the world.